Troubleshoot UI flow Playback - Unable To Launch Application

Applies to: Power Automate


When trying to run an UI flow during Test run or Flow run, the user gets the error:



The error is visible in the UI flow Test Page or See detail page of the UI flow run instance.

Verifying issue

- Open the UI flow in Edit mode and Click on the Application Card


- Check the Application path on the machine where UI flow is run to make sure application exe exists.



- Some applications can take a long time to launch.

Solving steps

- If the Application path is incorrect, update to the correct path.



- In case Application launches and fails with above error "UnableToLaunchApplication" follow the steps below.    

This issue sometime occurs for PowerBI:

  • o    Start Recording – Record single Action on PowerBI and press "Done" button on recorder. In the UI flow designer you will see 2 actions/steps:
    • Launch Application
    • Click Action – Delete this action.


  • Start new Recording by clicking on


  • Start recording Power BI Desktop application again and record couple of actions (Click or Keyboard)
    1. Open the Launch Application action
    2. Update the Launch Application property to No


The above 2 step process can solve issue for some applications.

- In case application takes long time to launch:

  • Check the launch step in your script (In the example below, click on "Launch Excel" step):
  • Click "Show advanced options" and Update the "Wait after action" value. In Example PT15S means UI flow playback will wait for 15 secs to launch application.