A privilege error occurs when attempting to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online


When attempting to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, you encounter an error referencing a missing privileg such as the following error:

"You don't have required privilege (prvReadOrganization), which limits certain functionality. Please contact your administrator to get necessary access."


This error will appear if the user associated with the mailbox record does not have sufficient privileges to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.


Option 1: Assign Dynamics 365 App for Outlook User security role

A standard role exists to provide the privileges required to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. This role is named Dynamics 365 App for Outlook User and can be assigned to users who need to use App for Outlook. For more information on this role, see Provide security role access.

Option 2: Custom Role

If you prefer to customize a role to include the required privileges, refer to the More Information section for a list of privileges required to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

More Information

The following table lists privileges required to use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and the tab in a security role where the privilege can be found. A user with the System Administrator role can locate and modify a security role by navigating to Settings, Security, Security Roles. To view which role(s) are assigned to a specific user, navigate to Settings, click Security, click Users, select the specific User record, and then click Manage Roles. 

Privilege name Entity Location (tab) within security role
prvReadEmailServerProfile EmailServerProfile Business Management
prvReadRole Security Role Business Management
prvReadUser User Business Management
prvWriteMailbox Mailbox Business Management
prvReadMailbox Mailbox Business Management
prvReadOrganization Organization Business Management
prvSyncToOutlook (exchangesyncidmapping Sync to Outlook Business Management --> Privacy-related privileges
prvUseOfficeApps Use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Business Management --> Privacy-related privileges
prvAppendToAccount Account Core Records
prvReadAccount Account Core Records
prvDeleteActivity Activity Core Records
prvAppendActivity Activity Core Records
prvWriteActivity Activity Core Records
prvCreateActivity Activity Core Records
prvReadActivity Activity Core Records
prvAppendToActivity Activity Core Records
prvShareActivity Activity Core Records
prvAppendToContact Contact Core Records
prvReadContact Contact Core Records
prvCreateContact Contact Core Records
prvReadUserQuery Saved View Core Records
prvReadAppModule Model-driven App Customization
prvReadAttribute Field Customization
prvReadEntity Entity Customization
prvReadRelationship Relationship Customization
prvReadSystemApplicationMetadata System Application Metadata Customization
prvReadSystemForm System Form Customization
prvReadUserApplicationMetadata User Application Metadata Customization
prvReadQuery View Customization
prvReadWebResource Web Resource Customization
prvSearchAvailability Search Availability Service Management --> Miscellaneous Privileges