You cannot link TextService in Eudcedit.exe after updating to Windows 10, version 2004

Applies to: Windows 10, version 2004, all editions


Consider the following scenario:

  • You use Windows 10, version 2004.
  • You create or modify end-user-defined characters (EUDC) on the computer.
  • You try to link the EUDC to Microsoft Bopomofo.

In this scenario, the EUDC editor returns the following message: 

Private Character Editor


After you update to Windows 10, version 2004, Microsoft Bopomofo is updated. The latest version of Microsoft Bopomofo currently doesn’t provide the functionality to link EUDC characters.


Method 1

Turn on the Compatibility option to revert to the previous version Microsoft Bopomofo. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Settings page, select Language.


  2. Select Options for Microsoft Bopomofo (Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)).

    Language options
  3. Select General.

  4. Turn on the "Use previous version of Microsoft Bopomofo" option.



Method 2

Revert to the previous version of Microsoft Bopomofo by using the following Group Policy setting:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > IME > Configure Traditional Chinese IME version

Group policy

Note This policy was introduced in Windows 10, version 2004.

Method 3

Revert to the previous version of Microsoft Bopomofo by using MDM Policy. To do this, see TextInput/ConfigureTraditionalChineseIMEVersion.