Get replacement accessories for Surface Duo

Applies to: Surface Duo

Here’s how to request replacement accessories for Surface Duo. 

Request a replacement USB-C cable or power adapter

To get a replacement USB-C cable or power adapter for your Surface Duo when it's under warranty: 

  1. Go to Device service and repair and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Register your Surface Duo and start a new repair order.
  3. Select the replacement accessories you need, and then create the order. If the accessory you need isn't listed, contact us.

Get a replacement SIM card tray

If you need to request a replacement for the SIM card tray in your Surface Duo, please contact us.

Buy a Surface Duo Bumper from the Microsoft Store or other sources

Go to Surface Duo Bumper in the Microsoft Store to purchase a new bumper. (See it in the Microsoft Store)

You can also buy a Surface Duo Bumper from other online stores that sell Surface Duo or related accessories.