Azure Stack Hub Hotfix 1.2005.13.68

Applies to: Azure Stack Hub


  • Fixed WhsFaultScanner to re-launch when it gets stuck to make sure alerts are correctly generated for users.
  • Fixed orchestration bug that prevented storage regeneration telemetry events from being emitted.
  • Fixed an issue which impacted the reliability of downloading subsequent updates.
  • Improved ability to diagnose failures based on orchestrator telemetry.
  • Fixed SRP race condition in moving system storage accounts to system internal subscription during 2005 PnU.
  • Fixed time unit scaling error in the server latency metrics.

Fixes rolled up from previous hotfix releases

  • Restarted SQL VMs to mitigate potential issue with database access which affects access to portal.
  • Fixed an issue in which the configuration of the retention period for deleted storage accounts was reverted.
  • Improved reliability of storage blob and table service.
  • Addressed issue in the Send-AzureStackDiagnosticLog PEP cmdlet. 
  • Increased the HRP repair time when an update failure occurs.

Hotfix information

To apply this hotfix, you must have version 1.2005.6.53 or later.

Important As outlined in the release notes for the 2005 update, make sure that you refer to the update activity checklist on running Test-AzureStack (with specified parameters), and resolve any operational issues that are found, including all warnings and failures. Also, review active alerts and resolve any that require action.

File information

Download the following files. Then, follow the instructions on the Apply updates in Azure Stack page on the Microsoft Docs website to apply this update to Azure Stack.

Download the zip file now.

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