How to set up drive safety

Applies to: Family Safety App

Drive safety is a premium Microsoft Family Safety feature available with a Microsoft 365 Family subscription. It is currently available to subscribers with Microsoft accounts (MSA) based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Organizers (typically adults in the family) can buy a subscription in the Family Safety app or online.


About drive safety

Drive safety helps families talk about how to build better driving habits. It’s important to consider what might have been going on during that specific drive; whether it was safe depends on what was happening in that moment.

When you set up drive safety on your mobile device, you’ll see where you drove and details about each drive. If you turn on Share drives, your family will be able to see your drives and you’ll be able to see theirs if they do the same. Drive details include:

  • A map of the route highlighting where any of the details below happened
  • Top speed: the fastest speed during a drive
  • Phone use: if the phone moves around like someone’s touching it and for how long
  • Hard braking: when the vehicle suddenly slows down
  • Fast acceleration: when the vehicle suddenly speeds up

You’ll see summaries of drive activity and up to two weeks of individual drives both in the app and on If you choose to share your drives, organizers in your family group will be able to see this information as well.

How to set up drive safety

Setting up drive safety involves both device permissions and in-app settings.