How To Add User Defined Fields to Fixed Assets Reports

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013Fixed Assets

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How can I add user defined fields to fixed assets reports without losing information previously on the report?


Entering Report Writer:

1. Go to Tools | Customize | Report Writer.

2. For Product choose Fixed Assets.

3. In Report Writer click on the Reports icon from the top menu bar.

4. From the Original Reports side, highlight the FA Asset List by Master ID and choose insert.

5. Then on the Modified Reports side, highlight the same report and choose the Open button.

6. In the Report Definition window choose the Tables button.


7. In the Report Table Relationships window, highlight the Asset General Information Master and choose the New button.

8. Highlight the User Data Master and choose the OK button.

9. In the Report Table Relationships window select the Close button.


10. Choose the Layout button.

Bringing fields onto the report:

11. In the Toolbox choose User Data Master from the drop down list.

12. In the scrolling window find the fields you want to add and drag them into the B section on the report.

13. In the Report Layout Double click on the field that was just put on the report.

14. In the Report Field Options window, be sure the Display Type is set to Visible.

15. Set the Field Type to Data.

16. Choose the OK button.

Saving and Printing the report:

17. Choose the X from the top right corner of the Report Layout window.

18. Save your changes.

19. In the Report Definition Window uncheck Skip Blank Records.

20. Click OK in the Report Definition window.

21. From the top menu bar, choose File | Great Plains Dynamics.

22. Give users access to the modified report in the Security Setup window (Setup | System | Security) within Dynamics.

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