Runtime Error 339 in FRx

Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta 3.0 is now part of Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0. All references to Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta and Microsoft Axapta pertain to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Error - "A Runtime Error 339. Component MSMASK32.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid" - occurswhenyou go to File| Open| Catalog.


Go to Start | Search| For Files or Folders andsearch for the MSMASK32.ocx file in your Windows/System32 directory.

If you do not locate this file, copy it over from a working workstation and paste it into the Windows/System32 directory on the workstation with the error. Make sure to register the file by opening it with the Regsrv32.exe file located in your Windows/System32 directory.

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