VB Scripting hints for Integration Manager

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Some hints about the use of VB Scripting within Integration Manager.

  • Whenthe 'CancelIntegration' object is used within a VB Scripting event, it will fire the Integration Error event before canceling an integration.

    Example: On the After Document event you are canceling an integration if a certain value is found within the source file.Before the integration stops, you can notify the user with a message box in the Integration Error event to view the reject file to verify the record that was not integrated.
  • When a error occurs within a document during an integration. The After Document event will not fire, instead the Document Error event will fire in its place.
  • A helpful debugging tool is to use Message Boxes within the VB code to verify values and when events are firing during the integration.
  • A warning during the running of the integration will not fire either the Document Error or Integration Error events.

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