Document Statuses in PDK

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010

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When I look in my PDK10000 I see a PDK_Document_Status field with some numbers. What do those numbers mean?


Here are the meanings of the Document Statuses:

1. Remote Has been synchronized by a remote user

2. In Progress Entered, but not submitted

3. Returned Returned by approver

4. Resubmitted Resubmitted after correcting

5. Submitted Employee submitted

6. RejectedRejected by approver

7. Approved Approved by approver

8. ProcessedProcessed in PDK by approver

9. PostedPosted in Project Accounting

11. Terminated The document was terminated in PS Time and Expense

Here are the meanings of the Manager and Supervisor Approval Statuses:

1. Not Required Approval is not necessary

2. PendingWaiting for approval

3. ApprovedIs approved

4. ReturnedReturned for correcting

5. OverridenApproval has beenoverriden

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