Adding The Item Short Name Field To The SOP Blank Invoice Form

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I would like to add the Item Short Name field to the SOP Blank Invoice Form and have this field print out when I print my invoice(s). How can this be done?


The Item Short Name field is in the Item Master table. Following are the steps to link the Item Master:
1. Go into Report Writer ( Tools - Customize - Report Writer ).
2. Select the SOP Blank Invoice Form in the Original Reports list and choose Insert .
3. Select the SOP Blank Invoice Form in the Modified Reports list and choose Open .
4. Choose Tables on the Report Definition window.
5. Select the Sales Transaction Amounts Work file and select New .
6. Select the Item Master Table and choose OK .
7. Now, close the Tables window and choose Layout .
8. Place the field Item Short Name from the Item Master table in the Report Layout.
9. Save the Layout, and select OK to close the Report Definition window.
10. Go back to Dynamics and grant access to the SOP Blank Invoice form under Modified Reports for each user ( Setup - System - Security ).
11. Print the SOP Blank Invoice form to view the Item Short Name.

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