Using a Variable in a VBA Message Box

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Can a variable be used in a VBA message box?


Yes, a variable can be used in a VBA message box. Below is an example of using a variable in a message box.

Private Sub Field_BeforeLostFocus(KeepFocus As Boolean, CancelLogic As Boolean)

Dim Var1 As String

Var1 = VendorID

MsgBox "The variable is " + Var1

End Sub

In this example, the VendorID from the window is being set as the variable. The variable is being called Var1. When the message box is displayed, the message will read "The variable is XXXX" where XXXX is the VendorID from the window. If ACETRAVE0001 was the vendor on the window, the message box would read "The variable is ACETRAVE0001".

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