Print the Bill\Finished Good note on the Assembly Edit List (BM Assembly Posting Journal)

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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How can I print the Bill\Finished Good note on the Assembly Edit List in Microsoft Dynamics GP?


To print the note for the Bill\finished good, go into Report Writer. We will need to link the Record Notes Master to the Assembly Component table.

1. Select the Reports button from the top menu (not the Report Definition window.

2. Select bmTrxComp and select Open and then Relationships.

3. Select New in the Table Relationship window

4. Select the ellipse button, 3 dots next to Secondary Table, and select Record Notes Master .

5. Select Key 1 for the secondary table key and match Note Index to Note Index

6. Go into the Report Definition window, for the BM Assembly Posting Journal and select the Tables button.

7. In the Report Table Relationships window, select Assembly Component* and select New . Select Record Notes Master and select OK .

8. Go into the Layout button.

9. From the Record Notes Master , drag Text Field into the layout.
I pulled this into the H2 section, right under the Item Number field.