How to populate the Posting Status field in the DTA10100 table when importing transactions with MDA inforamtion.

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Some facts about the Posting Status field in the Transaction Analysis Group (DTA10100) table:

  • The Posting Status field is an integer that indicates the posting state as viewed from the General Ledger
  • It can have the following values:

    1 = Work

    2 = Open

    3 = History

    4 = Originating
  • The first three values will be used if the transaction that includes the MDA Information is being entered directly into the General Ledger, i.e. the DTA Series is set to 2.
  • The posting status will be set to a value of 4 if the transaction is entered in any other module. In other words, when the DTA Series has a value other than 2, the posting status will be equal to 4.

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