Error Number 70 Returned When Pushing a Document Through eConnect Using the Document Sending Utility.

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When pushing a document to the eConnect.dll with the eConnect Document Sending Utility, Error Number = 70, Error Description = Permission denied is returned. How can this error be resolved?


In the Component Services (navigation: Start - Programs -Administrative Tools -Component Services) make sure that the Identity of the eConnect COM+ Microsoft Great Plains application is set to Interactive User.
1. Once in Component Services, expand Computers -My Computer - COM+ Applications.
2. Right click on the eConnect COM+ Microsoft Great Plains application and select Properties.
3. Choose the Identity tab and mark the Interactive user radio box.
4. Click OK.
5. Shut down and restart the application by right-clicking on the eConnect COM+ application and selecting Shut down.
6. Right click and select Start.
Now try sending the document again.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 8.0
Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 7.5
Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics 7.0
Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise 7.0
Great Plains Dynamics 6.0
Great Plains eEnterprise 6.0