How To Enter Timesheets or Employee Expenses for other Employees in PDK

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How can I use Personal Data Keeper to enter timesheets or employee expenses for other employees while logged in as myself?


Set up delegates and enter a proxy timesheet in Personal Data Keeper.

1. Log into Personal Data Keeper as sa.

2. Navigate to Setup-System-User.

3. Select the user and company you wantsomeone elseto be able to enter timesheets and/or employee expenses for.

4. Click on the Timesheets or Employee Expenses button.

5. In the Timesheet or Employee Expense Settings window, highlight employee(s)that are allowed to entertransactions for this employee and add them to the Delegates column.Perform this step for ALL employees and/or managers who need to enter time or employee expenses for others.

6. Log into PDKas yourself and navigate to Transactions-Proxy Timesheet andenter timesheets for all the employees that you are assigned as a delegate for.

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