How to Print a Report to Show All Assets That Are Fully Depreciated

Applies to: Fixed Assets

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How to print a report to show all assets that are fully depreciated?


To print this report please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Reports | Fixed Assets | Depreciation | Depreciation Ledger.

2. Select a new report option, and include Active, Retired, and Partial open if you would like to see them in the report.

3. In the Ranges section you will want to select Fully Depreciated Date.

4. In the From field you will want to enter a date higher than 01/01/1900. Assets that are not fully depreciated have a Fully Depreciated Date of 01/01/1900. By excluding assets with this date, you will be excluding any assets that are not fully depreciated.

5. In the To field, you will want to enter the latest date of the assets you would like to include in this report.

6. Insert this restriction, and print the report.

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