The windows and the tables that are updated when you process a payrun in Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015Dynamics GP 2013Dynamics GP 2010


This article describes the windows and the tables that are updated in Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP and in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains after you process a payrun.

More Information

If you are running Microsoft SQL Server, you can view the table information in SQL Query Analyzer. You can run the following sample Select statement in SQL Query Analyzer against the company database to view the table information.

The following report is returned.

Note The Window/report that contains information column displays the window in which the information is displayed. Use the Physical name column for the table name.

Table Name Window /Report Physical Name
Payroll Employee Summary  Cards | Payroll | Summary UPR00900
Payroll Employee Tips Summary Cards | Payroll | Summary | Tips Summary  UPR00901
Payroll Pay Code Summary  Cards | Payroll } Pay Code | Summary UPR30301
Payroll Pay History Reports | Payroll | History | Employee Pay History UPR30300
  Cards | Payroll | Pay Code | History  
Payroll Deduction Master Cards | Payroll | Deduction| Summary UPR30301
Payroll Benefit Master Cards | Payroll | Benefit | Summary UPR30301
Payroll State Tax Summary Cards | Payroll | State Tax | Summary UPR30301
Payroll Local Tax Master Cards | Payroll | Local Tax | Summary UPR30301
Payroll Tax Liability Tools | Utilities | Payroll | Edit Liabilities UPR30200
Payroll Tax Liability GP 10.0 | Tools | Utilities | Payroll |Edit Liabilities UPR30200
Payroll Distribution History Reports | Payroll | History | Dist. Breakdown History UPR30401
Payroll Check HIstory Inquiry | Payroll | Check UPR30100
Payroll Transaction History Inquiry | Payroll | Transaction UPR30300
Payroll Distribution History Header Reports | Payroll | History | Dist. Breakdown History UPR30400




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