Year Does Not Exist message during Multicurrency Revaluation

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When I go into the Revaluation window and choose Current Year, I receive the message Year does not exist . If I choose Other Year and enter a period, I receive the message, Period does not exist. I have verified or done the following:

1. Renamed my fiscal period setup files and re-setup all of my fiscal period.

2. Verified that the user date falls within a valid fiscal period.

What else can I do to resolve this issue?


Go into Audit Trail Codes Setup (Setup - Posting - Audit Trail Codes). In the Financial series, verify that you have an audit trail code for Revaluation. If you do not have an audit trail code for Revaluation, clear data on the Audit Trail Codes file to recreate the audit trail codes with Multicurrency audit trail codes. Before you clear data on this file, print out the Audit Trail Codes report (Reports - Company - Setup - Audit Trail Codes), then after you have cleared data, reenter the Audit Trail Codes based on this report.

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