1099 Amount Not Updating

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I am using Import Utility to import in some PM Transactions for vendors that are set up as 1099 vendors. I am bringing in the invoice with a complete payment attached and am populating the '1099 Amount' field. After I import and post the transaction, I go to Cards - Purchasing -> Summary and then pull up my vendor and click on the Yearly button.The 1099 amount in there is not getting updated. The invoice was paid in full, so this field should be updating. Why isn't it?


When you are importing, you also needed to import into the 'Unapplied 1099 Amount' field. If this is left blank (or zero) it assumes during posting that the transaction was already paid off and the 1099 amount was already updated. So, if it is not being populated during the import, it will leave the 1099 amount at whatever it was before the import, which in this case was zero.

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