Unhandled Script Exception: Illegal Address for Field Denomination Exchange Rate.

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Question: When attempting to enter the Payables Transaction Entry Screen, the following error message ‘ Unhandled script exception: Illegal address for field ‘Denomination Exchange Rate’ in script ‘MC_Set_Currency_Index_ Without_ScrollWin’. Script terminated.’ occurs. We are not registered for Multicurrency and the error only occurs for one company, which was recently created. What can I do to resolve?

Answer: To resolve, complete the following steps in no particular order. Try opening the Payables Transaction Entry Screen between each step.

1. Check Help - About Great Plains Dynamics - Options, registration for Multicurrency exists if the Multicurrency Management option is marked. If not registered for Multicurrency, rename the entire MC*.* files located under the company’s subfolders.

2. Check for 3rd party applications installed ( Tools - Customize - Customization Status), and temporarily disable for testing.

3. Check if the error is workstation and/or user and/or company specific, if applicable.

4. Reconcile security tables ( Utilities - System - Reconcile ) for the company experiencing the error.

5. Reselect the security setup for the Purchasing Series, (Setup - System - Security) for the each user by first unmarking all the items from the Access List. Next reselect the desired items again.

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