Adding the Inventory Account Number to the Shipment Invoice Matching Report

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I wish to add the Inventory account number to the Shipment/Invoice Matching report under Reports-Purchasing-Analysis-Shipment/Invoice Matching. How can I do this?


Follow the steps below by going into Report Writer to modify the report (Tools-Customize-Report Writer).

1) Within Report Writer, click on the Tables button. Locate and highlight the popShipmentMatchingActivityTemp table. Choose Open , click Relationships , and select New .

2) For the Secondary Table, choose the Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities . Select the first key in the lookup next to Secondary Table Key . Line up the following fields:

POP Receipt Number = POP Receipt Number
Invoice Line Number = Receipt Line Number
PO Number = PO Number

3) Close all the windows within Report Writer until you are back to the main screen.

4) Click on the Tables button on the main window again. Locate the POP_PORcptApply and select Open , click Relationships , and click New.

5) For the Secondary Table, select the Account Master .

6) For the Secondary Table Key, choose Key 1. Line up the following fields:

Inventory Index = Account Index

7) Close out all of the windows until you are back to the main Report Writer screen.

8) Click on the Reports button and insert the POP Shipment/Invoice Matching Activity report. Open the report.

9) On the Report Definition screen, click on the Tables button. Highlight the popShipmentMatchingActivityTemp and click New. Select the Purchasing Receipt Line able and choose OK .

10) On the Report Table Relationships window, highlight the Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities table and choose New . Select the Account Master and choose OK .

11) Go into the Report Layout and add the Account Number and Account Description field to the Body section of the report. The Account Number and Description will print for each line item.

12) Go back into Great Plains and grant security to the modified report under Setup-System-Security.

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