The associated Extender record is not deleted when you delete a Microsoft Great Plains record


You add Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains Extender fields to a Microsoft Great Plains window. When you delete the Microsoft Great Plains record, the associated Extender record for the window is not deleted.


You must delete the associated Extender record from the Extender table.


Steps to reproduce the issue

1. Create an Extender window that is associated with the Item Maintenance window.
2. Create an item, and then add Extender information to the item.
3. In the Item Maintenance window, select the item, and then delete the item.
4. Create a new item that has the same item number.

The Extender information that was attached to the deleted item still appears for the new item.

Extender information is linked to the window and not to the tables. Therefore, because there are no triggers on the tables, the Extender table is not affected when the data is deleted from the Microsoft Great Plains table.

The following list describes where each Window field type is stored:

• EXT00101: Short string, telephone number, e-mail address, long string, and the number in a list.

For example, a record that could be contained in this table is a list that contains the color names Red, Yellow, and Blue. Suppose that you have Blue selected. The table will show 3 because Blue is third in the list.
• EXT00102: Date
• EXT00103: Currency, percentage, and quantity
• EXT00104: Time