Some employees are missing from the "Timecard Status (TM.110.00)" report in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Applies to: Dynamics SL 2011


When you print the Timecard Status (TM.110.00) report from the Timecard Status (TM.TCS.00) screen, some employees are missing from the Timecard Status (TM.110.00) report in the Time and Expense for Projects module. 


This behavior is by design.

The Timecard Status (TM.110.00) report only prints employees with missing or unapproved timecards.


To print or to print preview a report that lists all employees and timecards, use the Time Card Report (TM.010.00) report. To do this follow, these steps:
  1. In the Modules menu, click Time and Expense for Projects.
  2. In the Time and Expense for Projects pane, click Time Card Report under the Report area.
  3. Click Print or click Print Preview.