Keyboard improvements

We’ve added some things to your keyboard so that typing on your phone is faster, easier, and more fun.

Get in the flow with shape writing

Drag your finger from letter to letter to quickly form the shape of a word, then string words together into a sentence by lifting your finger after each word to insert a space.

GIF showing use of shape writing

Browse your text with the cursor controller

The cursor controller is the circle near the bottom of your screen. Press and hold the cursor controller and then flick it in the direction you want to go to move from character to character or line by line. Or scroll through the text more slowly by pressing it and then dragging your finger in the direction you’d like the cursor to move.

Navigating text with the cursor controller

Move your keyboard

On phones with a screen that’s 5 inches or larger, reposition your keyboard by pressing and holding the spacebar to unlock it. Then drag your finger up or down the screen to place it. Drag the keyboard to either side of your screen to lock it in place.

Moving the keyboard around

Talk where you type

To use your voice anywhere you can type, select the microphone at the top of the keyboard.

GIF showing activating the mic icon


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