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NOTE: This FAQ was updated on April 4, 2016.

1. What is the Support Lifecycle policy for Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services?
2. What is the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for Microsoft Dynamics on-premises products?
3. What happens when a platform update, such as a new version of Microsoft Windows®, introduces new functionality or data types that were never supported in the original release of a currently supported product?
4. What is the service pack policy for Microsoft Dynamics products?
5. What if I need support for an unsupported version or service pack?
6. Which Microsoft Dynamics products does the Microsoft Extended Support phase apply to?
7. How does the Extended Support phase work for Microsoft Dynamics products? Is it identical to the Extended Support phase for the rest of Microsoft products?
8. Where can I learn more details about pricing and enrollment in Extended Hotfix Support during the Extended Support phase for my Microsoft Dynamics products?
9. What is Self-Help Online Support for Microsoft Dynamics?
10. Is enrollment in a service plan required for customers to have rights to product updates and service packs?
11. What is the Enhancement Plan?
12. Who can enroll in the Enhancement Plan?
13. I used to be on the Enhancement Plan and now it has expired. Can I get product upgrades and non-security updates that were released when I was current on the Enhancement Plan?
14. How does the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy cover tax and regulatory updates?
15. Is the first year of the Enhancement Plan or Software Assurance enrollment mandatory?
16. How can I enroll in the Enhancement Plan? How about renewing?
17. What is the Support Policy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM cumulative updates and update roll-ups?
18. How long is FRx 6.7 Supported?

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