Snap great photos

The camera in Windows 10 is faster and simpler to use than ever before. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, flexible controls help you capture the moment, beautifully.

Start by opening the Camera app (select the Start

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button > Camera). Then select the Camera , Video , or Panorama button (where available) on the camera screen to take your shot.

To view and adjust the photo you just took, select the small image in the bottom corner.

Camera on the desktop

Automatic genius

Your camera is all set to help you take great pictures, automatically.

On some devices, rich HDR helps you capture beautiful photos even in tough lighting conditions, and is set to turn on automatically when you need it. When it's on, your camera snaps several images at different exposure settings—and even adds flash when appropriate—and then blends them together into a single photo for more natural-looking lighting. You can also adjust the lighting later on. To turn off rich HDR, select HDR on the camera's viewfinder.

Living images and slow motion

On some devices, you can capture living images or slow-motion videos. With living images, your camera automatically detects motion in the shot, and captures an extra second of movement that brings your photo to life. (If you’d rather turn off living images, go to Settings and turn off Capture living images.)

You can also record slow-motion video by selecting the little turtle icon on the viewfinder. Afterwards, you can even add super slow motion to parts of your video.

Panoramic photos

Panoramas are great for sweeping landscapes, large groups of people, or—with the camera turned on its side—very tall buildings.

Tap Panorama to switch to panorama mode. Tap it again to start the shot, and then slowly pivot the camera from left to right (or bottom to top) as the scene fills in across the middle of the screen. Tap Stop to finish the shot.

Photo timer and time lapse shots

To take timed photos, select the photo timer icon and tap for 2-, 5-, or 10-second timer options. Or use the timer to take time lapse photos! Go to Settings and make sure the time lapse feature is on. When you use photo timer, your camera will keep snapping photos at 2-, 5-, or 10-second intervals until you press the camera button again.

Pro controls

For more precise control of each shot, expand your options along the top of your camera’s viewfinder. Select an option, and move each dial to adjust white balance, focus, sensitivity (ISO), shutter speed, or brightness.


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