How do we self monitor Azure consumption

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This article provides step by step instructions on how to self monitor your customer’s Azure consumption and hence estimate your incentive earnings. 

NOTE: Official and final statements will be calculated and posted to CHIP on a monthly basis Please use this instruction document for tracking performance and estimates only, as the monthly CHIP statements will communicate the final authorized incentive earning amounts. 

More Information

Cloud Dashboard Instruction

Step i - Log in: 1. Go to and select “Go there now” 

• Login using your MPN account  

2. Select Membership  

3. Select Your Accounts and Reports  

4. Select My Insights 

5. Select Cloud Product Performance 


6. Complete the required ‘Sign in’ details


Azure non DPOR performance tracking

Step ii - Export Data:

1. Click on Microsoft Azure tab under Cloud Product Performance

2. Select Offer Type as EA

3. Click on Export to Excel

• Build a pivot to summarize data.


Performance report and tracking

Step iii: Build portfolio report:

  1. Build a pivot with required fields.
  2. By including Customer Name, EA Enrollment Number, and Subscription ID fields you can search for and filter on specific records as well as see a complete portfolio view of eligible enrollments.
  3. Filter and group Consumption Month to see only relevant periods.
  4. Set Offer Type to filter for “EA”.
  5. Set Partner Association Type to filter for “Transacting Partner of Record”.


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