How do I find the exchange rate used to calculate my incentives?

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This article provides details on how to find the exchange rate from the earnings/transactions report from Partner Center.

More Information

Login to Partner Center

1. Login to Partner Center with your AAD account (company account), or, the appropriate email in which the incentive role was assigned to.

2. Click on the money icon on the top navigation bar within Partner Center and select Transaction history. 



3. Use the filters to customize the view.



4. You can also use the preset filters for dates or select a custom date range.



5. Once you have applied desired filters, click the Start download button.



6. Then, click Export data to navigate to page to see the status of your report. Note, the status will show Queued.  You will need to refresh the page until the status has changed to completed.



7. Once the status has changed to completed, you can click Download and follow the prompts to export the detailed transactions report. Note: Please refresh the page if the status is not updated within 5 mins. 


8. Open the CSV file and navigate to column U to see the earning exchange rate.


Resources & Support

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