Dynamic Content Picker Missing Dynamic Content From Previous Steps

Applies to: Power Automate


Some users are unable to see all the dynamic content from previous steps while attempting to add dynamic content to a parameter. The dynamic content picker may show that there is "No dynamic content available".

There is no dynamic content automatically available when using the Microsoft Forms card


This can occur for one of two reasons:

  1. When using a trigger that supports "Split On" and the "Split On" option is turned on. 
  2. Or when the type of the dynamic content may differ from the data type of the parameter. This is expected behaviour as the dynamic content picker filters the dynamic content based on the data type of the parameter. For instance, the dynamic content picker for a string parameter will show a filtered list of dynamic content that are strings.
    Token Picker filters out tokens by parameter data type


If using a trigger that supports "Split On", fix this issue by turning off the "Split On" option for the trigger card. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. First, on the trigger card, selected the 3 dots.
    The three dots on the Microsoft Forms card to expand options
  2. Then, click on Settings.
    Click on Settings in the options
  3. Then, turn off the "Split on" setting and click Done.
    The split on setting is turned off

The dynamic content should now be available automatically in the dynamic content picker.

If the dynamic content picker is filtering by the parameter data type, there are two possible workarounds.

  1. The first workaround is to search for the dynamic content in the dynamic content picker. This will override the data type filtering. 
    Searching for the token in the Token Picker will override the filtering
  2. The second workaround is to use the Compose action card, which will produce an output of type any.
    Using the compose action will create a token of type any