Machine Busy - Retry Policies

Applies to: Power Automate


Multiple symptoms are visible for the user here:

  • UI Flows runs for longer than expected
  • UI Flows failed after a long time (~ 3 hours)

Solving steps

There are multiple ways the agent can be busy:

  • There is already a UI flow running on the machine right now; you should make sure you are not currently already running a UI flow using the same connection. Note that if using a gateway cluster, there is currently no easy way to determine on which exact machine the UI Flow is running. You can see if a UI flow is running if logged into the machine by looking at the tray icon in the notification bar; it indicates if the UI Flow Service is currently available or running.
  • If you are currently recording something on the same machine, UI flows will be considered as busy, which may lead to this situation. You should ensure you are not recording or testing while running a UI flow.