Poland: Jednolitego Pliku Kontrolnego VAT z deklaracją (JPK_VAT z deklaracją, JPK_VDEK, JPK-V7M) renaming in Dynamics 365 Finance

Applies to: DynamicsDynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials


On July 4, 2019 theAct on Tax on Goods and Services, binding from September 1, 2019 introduces theobligation to report “Jednolity Plik Kontrolny VAT z deklaracją” (JPK_V7M).

Microsoft Dynamics 365Finance supports JPK_V7M format. Please find details on the initial featurerelease in KB 4540232, supplemented pack I in KB 4552887 and supplemented pack II in KB 4550662.

Initialpreliminary name of the report was “JPK_VDEK”. This article is dedicated to renamingof the report to “JPK_V7M” to accommodate actual official name of the report.


Starting from version 72.151“JPK_VDEK XML format (PL)” is renamed to “JPK_V7M XML format (PL)”.

Import the latestversions of the format configuration. The version description usually includesthe number of the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article that explains thechanges that were introduced in the configuration version.

Note: After all the ER configurations from thepreceding table are imported, set the Default for model mapping optionto Yes for “Standard Audit File model mapping” configuration.

For more informationabout how to download ER configurations from Microsoft Dynamics LifecycleServices (LCS), see DownloadER configurations from the Global repository of Configuration service.

Import and use thelatest version of Electronic messaging setup package from Shared asset libraryof LCSportal: PL JPK_JPK-V7M EM setup v.3 KB4565445.zip.

This version of thesetup package introduce replacement of “VDEK” with “V7M” though the data entitiesin the package.


If you have already importedElectronic messaging setup to your Dynamics 365 Finance of lower versions andwant to import the new versions to have the processing with new names, we recommendthe following steps:

  1. Run Importfrom PL JPK_JPK-V7M EM setup v.3 KB4565445.zip in Data managementwith “Truncate entity data = YES” first:

2. Run Importof “PL JPK_JPK-V7M EM setup v.3 KB4565445.zip” once again in Datamanagement with “Truncate entity data = NO”:

These two stepsimporting will guaranty that your setup will be replaced completely.

NOTE (!) if you have already created Electronicmessages in the system with the old name of the Processing, these Electronicmessages will be lost during processing replacement. To save all the JPK_V7M reportinghistory, we do not recommend replacing setup of the Electronic messagesin the productions system with existing electronic messages.

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