Poland: VAT declaration with registers JPK-V7M (VDEK) in Excel format in Dynamics 365 Finance

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FinancialsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition


On July 4,2019 the Act on Tax on Goods and Services, binding from September 1, 2019 introducesthe obligation to report in an electronic document that consist of JednolityPlik Kontrolny VAT (JPK_VAT) with the declaration (Jednolity Plik Kontrolny  VDEK – “JPK_VDEK”).

MicrosoftDynamics 365 Finance supports JPK_VDEK format. Please find details on theinitial feature release in KB 4540232, supplemented pack I for JPK_VDEKin KB 4552887 and supplementedpack II for JPK_VDEK in KB 4550662.

This article is dedicated to implementation of additionalformat for preview JPK-V7M report in Excel format. It is planned that thisformat will replace VAT registers in SSRS format: PolishSSRS reports: Sales VAT register, Purchase VAT register, EU summary VATregister – Feature reference PL-00014.


The changesdescribed in this article are supported in following or later versions ofFinance:

Dynamics 365 Finance version

Build number



Import anduse the following versions of Electronic reporting configurations, whichdeliver changes described in this article:

ER configuration name



Standard Audit File (SAF-T)



Standard Audit File model mapping

Model mapping


JPK-V7M XML format (PL)

Format (exporting)


JPK-V7M Excel format (PL)

Format (exporting)


Import the latest versions of these configurations.The version description usually includes the number of the Microsoft KnowledgeBase (KB) article thatexplains the changes that were introduced in the configuration version.

Note: After all the ER configurations fromthe preceding table are imported, set the Default for model mappingoption to Yes for “Standard Audit File model mapping” configuration.

For moreinformation about how to download ER configurations from Microsoft DynamicsLifecycle Services (LCS), see DownloadElectronic reporting configurations from Lifecycle Services.

Import and use thelatest version of Electronic messaging setup package from Shared asset libraryof LCSportal: PL JPK_V7M EM setup v.4 KB4575386 (from 10.0.14 only).zip.
This version introduces the following changes in the setup:

  • New “Podgląd w programie Excel” actionof “Message execution level” type linked to “JPK-V7M Excel format (PL)” ERformat.


Import of electronicmessages setup

If you previouslyimported and used setup of Electronic messages delivered as package of dataentities of previous version (1, 2 or 3), you can import the new version (4) withoutdeleting previous setup. Execution of this re-importing will be partiallysucceeded because of the attempt to overwrite already existing information.


As a resultof re-importing new “Podgląd w programie Excel” action will be added to the “JPK-V7M”processing.

Do not use “Truncateentity data” option on importing new version of data entities if you previouslyused JPK-V7M feature, this may result loosing access from application userinterface to the previously created electronic messages.

Import applicationspecific parameters

Structureof application-specific parameters of “JPK-V7M Excel format (PL)” formatis completely the same as of “JPK-V7M XML format (PL)” format.

Export asXML file previously prepared setup of application specific parameters for “JPK-V7MXML format (PL)” format by using “Export” button on “Applicationspecific parameters” page and then import it for the latest version of “JPK-V7MExcel format (PL)” format by using “Import” button. Change the stateof application-specific parameters setup to “Completed”, click "Save" button and closethe page.


This hotfix introduces to “JPK-V7M” processing new “Podgląd wprogramie Excel” action.


“Podgląd w programie Excel” actioncan be run when a new electronic message is created, before or after XML reportis generated, until electronic message is not marked as “Reported” (“Zmieństatus” to “Zgłoszone JPK-V7M”).

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