Banked Sick Relief code not distributing in Canadian Payroll

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015Dynamics GP 2013Dynamics GP 2010

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In Canadian Payroll I have set up both my Banked Sick Code (Routines-Setup Palette-Bank Paycodes) and my Banked Sick Relief Income code (Routines-Setup Palette-Income Paycodes) to Distribute. At the control level I have also setup Account Distribution Masking. The Banked Sick Code distributes correctly based on the ratio of hours worked in a particular Department, however, when I pay out the funds with the Banked Sick Relief Income code it does not distribute. What am I doing wrong?


You actually are not doing anything wrong. The system will not distribute when paying out the funds with the relief income paycode. The liability has already been distributed to the department when the amount was banked, so it will not be distributed again.

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