How can I fix a file in Movie Maker?

A photo or video that you add in Movie Maker might appear with an error icon. This indicates that the photo or video can't currently be used in Movie Maker.

Here are some things to try to fix the issue:

  • Make sure the video and audio codec that is required to play the video is installed on your computer. For information about determining which codecs are used by a video file, and how to find and install missing codecs, see Codecs: frequently asked questions.
  • If a codec is missing, you might want to try to play the video file in Windows Media Player. For some types of video files, Windows Media Player can automatically download and install missing codecs. If the missing codec can be installed, you can then try to add the video file again in Movie Maker. For more information about the types of multimedia files that Windows Media Player supports, as well as additional information about finding codecs, see Information about the multimedia file types that Windows Media Player supports.
  • If a picture or video is missing on the storyboard, make sure that the source photo or video file hasn't been renamed, moved, or deleted.
  • Video and music files that are protected with digital rights management (DRM) can't be used in Movie Maker. Remove protected files from the storyboard, and then continue editing.
  • If a video appears as a music item on the storyboard, remove the video from the storyboard. Video files can't be used as a soundtrack in Movie Maker.
  • If a video, photo, or music file type isn't supported in Movie Maker, remove it from the storyboard. For more information about what types of files you can use in Movie Maker, see What kind of files can I use in Movie Maker?

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