Finance app: FAQ

How do I change my market settings?
How do I search for a stock/fund/ETF/index in the app?
How do I add a stock to my Watchlist?
How do I manage stocks in my Watchlist?
What stock exchanges' data is available in the app?
How do I add an international stock to my Watchlist?
What else can I do with the stocks in my Watchlist?
How do I pin my favorite stocks to the Start screen?
How do I find out how the other major markets are performing today?
How do I research my favorite indices?
When and where can I get real-time stock data?
Bing Finance offers a variety of personal finance tools such as a mortgage calculator, retirement planner savings calculator and currency converter.
How do I pin my Watchlist to the Start screen?
How do I research company news, stock prices, and financials?
How do I see financial news from other sources?
How do I see the top gainers and losers for the day?
What is the exchange rate of my local currency?
How do I add a brokerage account to the Bing Finance app?
What information will I be able to view for my brokerage account?
How do I pin a broker in the Bing Finance app to the Start screen?
How secure is the My Finance feature?


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