Surface Hub is great when you need to collaborate or brainstorm. A brainstorming session might come up that’s not scheduled yet. It’s easy to see if the Surface Hub is available for an ad hoc session. Just check the welcome screen. If there’s no scheduled meetings listed when you’re trying to use the Surface Hub, you can start using it.

Image of welcome screen with no scheduled sessions

Select one of these options to get going:

Image of Skype Call tile

Start a conference call using Skype for Business—you’ll be able to look up the people you want to call from your company’s address book, or just dial their numbers.

Image of the OneNote whiteboard tile

Want to start drawing and collaborating? Use the OneNote whiteboard. The app will open—just grab a Surface Hub pen and start writing.

Image of Connect tile

Choose this option to project your screen from your phone or laptop to the Surface Hub. Connect wirelessly if your device supports Miracast. Or, use a cable. With certain devices, when you connect both a display cable and the USB cable, you can use the Surface Hub touchscreen at the front of the room to control your device. How to control your device from the touchscreen

Or select Start

Start icon
at the bottom of the touchscreen to open the Start menu, where you'll find other apps you can use during your session.

The Start button


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