"FP Can’t Close Table" Error when accessing windows or reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP


When you print any report or open any window you receive the message: 

  FP can’t close table.


One cause can be the Anti-virus program you are using is setup to scan the Microsoft Dynamics GP folder on the workstation and/or scan the SQL or Microsoft Dynamics GP folder on the Server workstation.


Most Anti-virus programs have a setting where you can exclude certain directories within your workstation.  The directories that you will want to exclude are listed below:

 On the Server Workstation: 

·       Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains folder

·       SQL folder

·       Shared Drive that contains the Reports.dic or Forms.dic files

·       %TEMP% folder

 On the Client or Citrix/Terminal Workstation:

·       Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains folder

·       %TEMP% folder

 Note: If you have questions on how to set this up, you will want to contact the provider of the Anti-Virus program you are running.

More Information

This could also be related to Network issues if you see the message: “Error Accessing SQL”

If you are running a smart list and receive this message reference knowledge base article 874415.