Employee Profile tab and Work Contact Details tab are blank for certain employees in HRMSSS using Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP


The Employee Profile tab and the Work Contact Details tab are blank or empty for certain employees in Human Resource Self Service Suite (HRMSSS) using Business Portal (BP) for Microsoft Dynamicsd GP. All other tabs are populated.  If you assign a different back-office Employee ID from GP to this user, that employee information populates correclty in the Profile tab. 

 Another symptom is that when the manager clicks on this employee in the Team Profile section, they get the message: "Error: 'value' is null or not an object".  


The position assigned to this employee in payroll has a special character in the Position Description field (found under Tools, point to Setup, point to Payroll and click on Position) such as an apostrophe or a bullet point in it. 


Edit the Position Description on the position code and save.  Then refresh BP and the the employee's correct profile information will now dispay.