How to add a product key to the Eval version of System Center 2012 Operations Manager

Applies to: Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations ManagerMicrosoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1


After you install Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager, and then you view the About information on the Help menu, you may see (Eval) after the version information. This means that you're running the evaluation edition of the program.

This article describes how to add a product key to the evaluation edition of System Center Operations Manager 2012.
To upgrade from an evaluation version of Operations Manager to a licensed version, you must obtain a valid product key from Microsoft. For information about Operations Manager licensing, see System Center 2016 Licensing.

More Information

Before proceeding, you need to be a member of the Operations Manager administrators role, member of the computer's local Administrators group on the management server, and granted temporary membership of the sysadmin fixed server role on the SQL Server instance hosting the Operations Manager operational database to ensure this completes successfully.

To set the product key, use the Set-SCOMLicense cmdlet in PowerShell.

  1. Open PowerShell as an administrator.
  2. Load the OperationsManager module (import-module operationsmanager).
  3. Connect to your management group (New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection).
  4. Run the Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId "<yourlicensekey>“ command.
  5. To check whether the changes were made, run the following command:
    Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration –a
Note You may have to restart the computer to make sure that these changes are registered correctly.

For more information about the Set-SCOMLicense cmdlet, see