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Which cross-reference report do I print to recreate a posting journal in General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP and in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains? I noticed that the Cross Reference Report by Audit Trail Code can be sorted by master ID and master name in the Cross Reference Report Options window. What are master IDs and master names?


Depending upon the information you want to see on the report, you can print the Cross Reference Report by Journal Entry or the Cross Reference Report by Audit Trail Code as reprint posting journals.

The Cross Reference Report by Journal Entry is a detailed report of each transaction posted during the time period you specify, sorted by journal entry number. It is a replica of the posting journal and is commonly used to reprint posting journals for individual journal entry numbers. The Cross Reference Report by Journal Entry can be printed for an open year or a historical year, and for posting or unit accounts, or both.

The Cross-Reference Report by Audit Trail Code is a list of transactions posted to open or historical years, sorted by the audit trail code assigned to each transaction during the posting process. The audit trail code identifies the type of journal through which each transaction was posted; you can use this information to trace any transaction to the point at which it was entered. This report is often printed to recreate the posting journal for a batch of transactions, and can include posting or unit accounts. For more information about the cross-reference reports, refer to the "Sample Reports" chapter in the General Ledger module or go to Help| Reports in Great Plains.

When printing the Cross-Reference Report by Audit Trail Code, you can sort or select ranges by master ID or master name using the Cross-Reference Report Options window (Reports| Financial| Cross Reference| New or Modify). If transactions have been posted from other modules, a master ID and a master name will appear on the General Ledger posting journals. A master record ID is, for example, the customer or vendor ID, or the item number. A master record name would be the customer or vendor's name or the item's description. (This information would be entered in the windows opened using selections under the Cards menu on the tool bar.) The master ID and master name will be blank if a transaction originated in General Ledger.

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