Adding the Payables Transaction Description to Check with Stub on Top

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How can I add the payables Transaction Description from the Payables Transaction Entry window (Transactions -> Purchasing -> Transaction Entry) to the Check with Stub on Top?


You can use the following instructions to add the description to the check:

1.) Open Report Writer (Tools -> Customize -> Report Writer).

2.) Select Dynamics or eEnterprise as the product.

3.) From the menu bar, click on the 'Reports' button to access the listing of original and modified reports.

4.) Locate the Check with Stub on Top report from the list of original reports. Highlight this report, and click on the 'Insert' button to insert it into the list of modified reports.

5.) Double-click on the Check with Stub on Top report in the modified reports list to access the Report Definition window.

6.) Next, click on the 'Layout' button to access the report layout.

7.) In the Toolbox, choose the PM Payment Apply To Work table.

8.) In the scrolling window, locate the Transaction Description field.

9.) Drag and drop this field onto the report in the body section (located above the B line). You may have to change the size of the other fields in the body to fit the transaction description field in it, or you can move the body down one line.

10.)Close the report and save your changes.

11.) In the Security Setup window in Dynamics, grant access to the modified report. Choose your user id, the company you are in, Dynamics/eEnterprise for the Product, Modified Reports for the Type, and Purchasing for the Series.Double click on the report so there is an asterisk to the left of it meaning you now have access to print the report.

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