Purchase Button is not Showing in Asset General Screen

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Fixed Assets

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I do not have the Purchase option under the Asset General Information screen. I have posted Payables transactions using the "Trigger" account.


1. On the Fixed Assets Company Setup window (Setup | Financial | Fixed Assets | Company), you must mark the "Post PM through to FA" box.

2. You must add accounts that will "Trigger" the notification process by entering these accounts in the Post Accounts Setup window (Setup | Financial | Fixed Assets | Post Accounts).

3. The "Trigger" account distribution must be a Debit and Type of PURCH.

4. Fixed Assets must be installed on the workstation that is entering and posting the Payables transactions.

5. Verify that there are FA-AP transactions to be interfaced (Inquiry | Fixed Assets | FA-AP Post Table).

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