OL2003: shortcut group with quote in name disappears


Shortcut group with name including quotes (like "isn't technical") are not retained by Outlook after closing & launching Outlook again


After closing Outlook and starting it again, shortcut group disappeared. Shortcuts in this group are also lost.


The shortcut group name includes a quote (')


Do not use quote in shortcut group names


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

More Information

  • """ for double-quote (")
  • "amp;" for ampersand (&)

To reproduce problem:
1. at the bottom right of the wunderbar, click on "shortcuts" button 2. click on "Add New Group" 3. name the new group "tes't" (Make sure you insert a quote in the name) 4. close Outlook 5. launch Outlook 6. at the right bottom of the wunderbar, click on "shortcuts" button Actual Results: =============== shortcut group "tes't" disappeared Expected Results: =============== shortcut group "tes't" to be available.

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