Get to know Microsoft Edge

Applies to: EdgeWindows 10

Welcome to the fast and secure browser designed for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge comes exclusively with Windows 10 and cannot be downloaded or installed separately.

To get started, select Microsoft Edge on the taskbar.

Screenshot showing the Microsoft Edge icon in the taskbar

You can search quickly by typing your search directly in the address bar. Whether you're looking for pictures of penguins or want a weather report, you’ll get search suggestions, instant results from the web, and your browsing history—on the spot.

Screenshot of search results in address bar

Wondering what else you can do? Here are more things Microsoft Edge helps you do. 

Keep all your tabs open without getting overwhelmed. You can manage your tabs, pinning them so they're always in the same place, previewing them, and saving groups of tabs for later.

Add your own comments to info you found online, and then share it. With Microsoft Edge, you can write on the web. Whether you're collaborating across different locations or presenting in a meeting, you can quickly sketch on a web page, or type your comments in note boxes.

Keep all your stuff in one place. Track the favorites you collect on the web—select Favorites  to view your favorites, reading list, browsing history, and current downloads. To make your favorites and reading list available across all your Windows 10 devices, just sign in with your Microsoft account.

Read content offline. Just add sites to your reading list, and you'll be able to read even without an internet connection.

Customize how your data is collected. You can block cookies and choose from other settings that help you decide what happens with your data. Need to manage browser history? That's under Favorites  , in History  .

Go beyond just browsing the web. Add extensions so you can translate websites, block ads, manage your passwords, and much more.

Become a pro. You can customize your settings by selecting Settings and more  in the upper-right corner, then selecting Settings . This is also where you can identify which version of Microsoft Edge you're running. Just look under About this app.

Want to know more?

You can learn more and get tips so you'll get the most out of Microsoft Edge. If you need more help, see What to do if Microsoft Edge isn't working.