Cortana's Notebook and settings

Use Cortana's Notebook to tell her about your interests, favorite places, and things you want to keep up on. Add more info about yourself in the Notebook to get better, more personalized help from Cortana.

Customized interests on Cortana

To get to Cortana's Notebook, select Cortana

Cortana icon
on Start
Start symbol
, then select Menu > Notebook
Cortana icon

Here are some things Cortana can do for you:

  • Weather. Keep you up to date on the weather where you are now, or somewhere far away.

  • Travel. Track flight itineraries from your email and give you your flight status and info about your destination.

  • Getting around. Show you how traffic is looking on your normal routes, and tell you when you're going to need extra time.

  • News. Get you the latest on whatever topic you choose.

  • Sports. Track your favorite sports and teams.

Cortana's settings

This is where you adjust Cortana’s settings for things like flight and package tracking, sending notifications across devices, responding to "Hey Cortana," and getting tips on your lock screen.

To get to settings, open Cortana, then select Menu > Settings .

Image of Cortana's Notebook


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