On-Time Renewal


This article provides information on the on-time renewal incentive and the requirements to receive the on-time renewal accelerator, and contact points for if the incentive was not calculated.

More Information

Eligibility and applicable rates for this incentive are based on the month of the expiring enrollment and earned in the month of the renewal.

The requirements to be paid the on-time renewal accelerator are as follows:
  • The renewal is received and accepted as valid by the Regional Operations Center (ROC) on or prior to the Agreement End Date of the expiring agreement.
  • The transacting partner on the renewal (start date of the new agreement) must also be the Partner of Record (POR) on the expiring enrollment (last date of the expiring agreement). Public Sector EAs are not subject to the Partner of Record rule.

Early Commitments and early submissions of documentation (up to 6 months in advance) are encouraged, as long as the deal's natural coverage dates are not changed. Changing an agreement’s end date or start date is considered an Early Renewal and is only – under special circumstances – allowed after official Microsoft approval from the Microsoft Business Desk.  

In case of an Early Commitment, the final True-up must be completed under the prior enrollment to "close it out," which can happen after the Renewal was signed.

Please note that you can access the Enterprise Incentives Guide in the Readiness App (available for download here) by searching the keyword "Enterprise Incentives Guide". 

Alternatively you can also access the guide at explore.ms Home > Enterprise > Resources > Guides

If your on-time renewal was not calculated despite meeting all requirements mentioned above, please log a case via the Call Logging Tool on explore.ms.

To log a case in CLT:
  1. Open explore.ms and click Sign In.
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID) and password.
  3. Under the Tools heading, click Call Logging Tool (CLT) to create your case.


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