Submission Deadlines


This article describes the submission deadlines for Market Development (MD) Plan and Cooperative (Coop) Marketing Fund, and how you can get the specific deadline for Coop periods from the Channel Incentives Platform tool CHIP.

More Information

The deadline for MD Plan submissions is before the end of the fiscal half.

The deadline for Coop Marketing Fund Claim submissions is no later than 45 days after the end of the usage period.

For further information on MD claim submissions refer to the Coop Guidebook:
  1. Open MR Activation kit website
  2. Download copy of the Managed Reseller Coop Fund Guidebook.

For specific periods relating to Coop claims and Proof of Execution (POE) submissions, please follow the below steps:
  1. Open CHIP and login with your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID).
  2. Select the relevant program (for partners participating in more than one program).
  3. The submission dates for the different periods will be visible in the dashboard.

This article excludes NAOC (US Only) Surface Partner Authorized Device Resellers (ADR) users as these users do not have CHIP access at this time. If you are an ADR Surface Partner in the US, please contact your Partner Sales Executive (PSE) to obtain submission deadlines. 


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