Check Status/Detail of Payments


This article outlines how to check a payment status in the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP), what the statuses mean, and how to obtain a reference number and released date.

More Information

You can check the payment status in CHIP as per the below steps:
  1. Open CHIP and log in using your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID.)
  2. Select relevant program: SPLA Reseller Rebates Incentives.
  3. Click Period and choose month (e.g. May.)

Payment status definitions:
ValidatingPayments are currently pending for approval. Regional Operation Centre (ROC) team approves these claims on the 15th of each month (or the next working day if it falls on a Public Holiday / Weekend).
Payment ApprovedThese payments have been approved and currently being processed. Payment should reach you within 45 days from the payment date.
Payment SentPayment has been released to partner's Beneficiary Account. You can check with your bank using the payment ref # and payment date.
Payment HeldPayment has been put on hold. Please ensure that your bank details in CHIP are correct, otherwise please contact ROC team via for clarification.

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