Determine requestor that changed Server component state


On Exchange Server 2013, you are trying to change state of server component to Active using the Set-ServerComponentState command. The command completes without any error, however, component remains Inactive.

It mostly happens because the Requestor name provided in Set-ServerComponentState is not matching the Requestor that changed the state originally.


In such scenario, use following command to find the Requestor that has changed component state:

(Get-ServerComponentState -Identity <ServerName> -Component <Component>).LocalStates


In following example, Monitoring & RecoveryActionsEnabled are Inactive.

Use following command to find Requestor that change state of Monitoring component to Inactive:

(Get-ServerComponentState -Identity Exch1 -Component Monitoring).LocalStates

Now that you know the Requester, use following command to change the state of Monitoring to Active:

Set-ServerComponentState -Identity Exch1 -Component Monitoring -State Active -Requester Functional


Get-ServerComponentState -Identity exch1 -Component Monitoring).LocalStates

More Information

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